Walk Away Brother

Walk away brother from the war you want to fight

the ages are dark and the water is murky

the sounds are high but they fail to provoke

the past left in the past

time far away revolving around a different space

In outer space… In outer space.

Walk away brother from the love you gave and left

there is nothing left to find

and there isn’t much left that you can give

the procession of the dead begins and the dim lights surround the open   damp ground

step aside and watch from a distance

the ground is thirsty

your heart still shouts:

Walk away brother from the inconsistent footsteps

they will lead you to the cave of delusions

straight to the mouth of the beast

walk away and you will soon find out

the only war left to fight

is a war with a stricken rose you left behind

a void undetermined

ultimately leading to your demise


Leave that rose behind.

Aurora got a sparkle


The smell of rain bloomed around the curbs and the cafés, Water that’s rushing out to meet the pavement, made streams of liquid opal along the sidewalks. The drops were trying to their way back to the land they above where they grew up in. The stars in her eyes shifted orbits as clouds gathered hurriedly above the skyscrapers.

Aurora took a long sip of the latte she had just ordered,while the flush of English Lavendar started fading away slowly. The surface cream had the apparent shape of a heart with the word “Sorry” creatively written on top of the cream heart using cocoa powder. ‘This will get her back to me for sure’ thought a nearby scruffy barista. To the hopeful guy’s dismay, not only will this attempt to get the girl back fail, but also, the girl was so thirsty that she drank from the mug as soon as she gotten it.

Aurora leaned around to take a tissue from its box, spilling her drink over. She grabbed some more tissues. After dabbing and wiping away the spill she made, Aurora admired how shiny the wooden surface had become.Whistles of petrichor hummed outside the modest café. Glazing around, she looked out of the windows and saw the shower dissipating. After the last drops had met their final resting place, Aurora hoisted on her coat, and shuffled outside.

You Can Have One, Twenty.

Can you hear me ? Lover ?! Hello !
Can you hear me ? I heard what happened ! Are you crazy ?
Stop crying lover ! Don’t even think about crying !
Lover ! Look up ! Look at the sky, the black, the happy color !
Remember ! Even roses will die tomorrow !
You were deceived I tell you ! Weren’t you ?! That fool !
You fool ! How can you let that happen to you ?
Come on ! Raise your head ! Share my cheers,
Yes, you know life ! It’s beautiful, sometimes, but it is,
You’ll cope soon, sometimes it’s better like this, it is,
She may be in linen sheets, misbehaving,
But you’re free ! Free as a man with a broken heart !
You know you can love her and her and her,
Oh stop crying lover ! Your tears, for shame !
Dear lover ! Stand up ! Walk beside me, let’s walk !
I’ll get you out ! You understand me, you’re just like me,
We’re the same ! But you’re crazy ! Crazy I say !
It’s not worth it ! Never !
Let’s go, let’s get out of here! Oh forget it already !
You can have not one but twenty !
Hello ! Lover ?!

I’ve Never Seen Her So Happy

I’ve never seen her so happy
And I’ve never been more miserable than I am now

By miserable
I mean that I’ve been drinking
With lesbians
While lovers on the dance floor were dancing
Behind me

It’s been a while since I heard of Michelangelo
I used to know him
How is he

But did you know that I loved her
While lovers on the dance floor were dancing

But these things are behind me now
Everything is
She is

It is
Right where it should be
And it only comes out
When my breath stinks of vodka
And when I’m out of cigarettes

And I shout

In fucking spoons
I see
My reflection
And my nose is a balloon

Why did I

See Delusions Run

creepy cats animals smiling feline 2560x1440 wallpaper_www.animalhi.com_55
I am a dream, I am in a dream
a locked door, a door that I locked myself in

I, like delusion, am lost in delusion
I fall deeper into delusion
like the fools that don’t know anything

Just because in reality it keeps being picky
I remember you…tears start to fall
and again I am lost in delusion

This is a dream,
a dream made up of lies…

Everything’s a dream,
A dream
I already know that…

There’s an open door,
there’s a door,
but there’s no way out…

I am a delusion
lost in delusion

Turn off the tears
who ever cared for you anyway?

In reality who for cared for you now
is gone…

I still love you
as tears start to fall…
And again I am lost in delusion

This dream is an open door
But I can’t get out.

Reflection Gone Wrong

At times I have fooled myself
I convinced me that false comfort was good enough
I believed it and drowned in my disillusionment
building my life around walls
which trembled with every step I took.
There came a time when I looked myself in the mirror
and saw a different person staring back
I couldn’t control my reflection
and it wanted something back
it needed it’s contours it’s silhouettes
it needed the old me back
but I had changed my skin so many times
I couldn’t recall where I left the real me at
What if I had lost it to someone that is
no longer near?
What if the reflection in front me stays unclear?
My reflection starts punching the mirror trying to escape
I hear it’s scream in a whisper:
“Break the mirror and set me free
I am not you and you are not me.”


It was a calm night, like almost ever night,
Nothing was going on, literally nothing,
I was just laying there, on my side,
Until she came in. She came in with a rush.
You can see that she had had a long day,
She threw her bag on the bed, the bed was not made,
She looked at me, and then lit a cigarette,
She looked at me again, dragged her chair to the window,
She had nice legs,
Put her fingers across my throat, and kissed me,
But not just any kiss, like kissed me kissed me,
Boy what a kiss !
I felt myself turning upside down, I was all over her lips,
I poured myself into her, between her teeth, under her tongue,
Then she stopped, like for a moment, at most,
Then we kissed again.
I was staring at her almost dizzy, she had her head in her hands,
Elbows on her knees,
I never answered her questions, I don’t know if I ever did,
She never said anything when she came back,
But I was sure she was mine,
Yet again, what do I know,
I’m just a vintage, bottle of wine.