Reflection Gone Wrong

At times I have fooled myself
I convinced me that false comfort was good enough
I believed it and drowned in my disillusionment
building my life around walls
which trembled with every step I took.
There came a time when I looked myself in the mirror
and saw a different person staring back
I couldn’t control my reflection
and it wanted something back
it needed it’s contours it’s silhouettes
it needed the old me back
but I had changed my skin so many times
I couldn’t recall where I left the real me at
What if I had lost it to someone that is
no longer near?
What if the reflection in front me stays unclear?
My reflection starts punching the mirror trying to escape
I hear it’s scream in a whisper:
“Break the mirror and set me free
I am not you and you are not me.”


It was a calm night, like almost ever night,
Nothing was going on, literally nothing,
I was just laying there, on my side,
Until she came in. She came in with a rush.
You can see that she had had a long day,
She threw her bag on the bed, the bed was not made,
She looked at me, and then lit a cigarette,
She looked at me again, dragged her chair to the window,
She had nice legs,
Put her fingers across my throat, and kissed me,
But not just any kiss, like kissed me kissed me,
Boy what a kiss !
I felt myself turning upside down, I was all over her lips,
I poured myself into her, between her teeth, under her tongue,
Then she stopped, like for a moment, at most,
Then we kissed again.
I was staring at her almost dizzy, she had her head in her hands,
Elbows on her knees,
I never answered her questions, I don’t know if I ever did,
She never said anything when she came back,
But I was sure she was mine,
Yet again, what do I know,
I’m just a vintage, bottle of wine.

A One Moment Please

Making his way through the idle streets of the city
He passed Starbucks, he passed The Bible Society,
He was a good-looking guy, but humble, really
His shirt was clean, his trousers ironed
But his shoes gave it away, they were grubby

He didn’t care though,
He wasn’t to impress anyone anyway

He walked across to get away from the sun
Between the strangers he raised his head
To find a girl walking in front of him
Her fingers were cherry red, holding a phone to her ear,
Next thing he noticed was her hair,
Chestnut, ringlets of sunlight dangling down her shoulders
He fell in love, in a moment, he did, he didn’t think twice
Next thing he smelled her perfume,
She was leaving a trail, inhaled it
He was a goner
Walking faster, he crossed her
No, he didn’t look back
He wanted the moment to be perfect
The moment he fell in love
He didn’t want to break it
The moment he fell in love.

Crimson Secret

In through the back door, on the couch
Scent of jasmine and lillies, perfect
Ice in the scotch chinked a tune
Approached her on the blacony, unchecked
My hand on her shoulder, smiled back, a sign
Eyes wandered to the fabric, divine
Met my gaze, whet my thoughts, ardour
Our drinks can wait, would her spouse ? Torpor
Before the fire, on the rug
Yearn caught on fire, in veins, start a chug
Her shiver, her breathe, her sweat, glisten
Dancing to the Howlin’ Wolf, prefect rythm
Thrust, unite, firm grip,
Ecstacy, procurement, bodies drip

The ice melted, the jasmine slept,
My smell lingers on her, crept up in her bed
Backdoor alarm, time to go
Society asleep, blind, rooster crow,
Only she will know.

Life was reduced to this…

Life was reduced to grey ashes being dusted in a silver ashtray.

Life was reduced to a few gulps of beer after work.

It was reduced to a sense of something that meant nothing to many

a nothing I looked forward to.

The beauty of it was underrated

the meaning lost in senseless attempts for explanation.

It was tempting to think of what could happen

if I let it happen.

Everything at the tip of my fingers

and I keep letting it slip away…

as if writing about it would bring some of it back

I gain a little of what I lost

before letting go again

in a twirl of thoughts coming and going


reminding me to loosen the grip even more.

Dead Again

Take my hand let’s take off
Together, now,
Pull the drapes, gulp the pill
Let’s laugh somehow

Burn the future, no debate
Just close your eyes
Let’s spoil time, misbehave
Show me around

This is it ,our fate, destroy
Right, now,
Wear a cape, fly away

Goes around, comes around
I’m fallin down
You won’t be there, never sane
Paranoid frown

I’ll be there in the train
Waiting for you to come
Catch the plane, let me down
Perfect nightmare, run-down,
Let it shine, let it rain
I know you’ll kill me again

Ginger June

She was the ginger he liked from school

She was insecure, but acted kinda cool

And he, a self-crowned king, who didn’t rule


He watched her ride her bike everyday

Her summer dress swaying in the air

While he sat on his car and smoked as he dreamt


Swimming in the lake on a summer noon

There she was beside him, ginger June

He blinked and she was gone, than he dreamt in the

Full moon

She glanced at him one time, in the park

He spent a lifetime with her in a spark

That night in the dark, the king ruled